Entry #5

i'm taking japanese this year!

2008-10-05 18:48:05 by kernalphage

testing Japanese input... i can... maybe post stuff online if this works.

%u304A%u3000%u3052%u3093%u304D%u3000%u 3067%u3059%u3000%u304B%uFF1F

wow. that comes out TINY.
does anyone see just blocks?

*immediate edit* yeahh... that didnt work out too well. i'm keeping the % numbers up there just in case theres some sorta double-encoding thing.


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2008-11-26 01:35:08

don't like subtitles when you watch anime do you?


2009-03-16 18:37:10

Sounds like fun. It doesn't show up on my screen, but I think if I translated the page that it would.


2009-05-22 04:40:46

oh I wanna learn Japanese too!


2009-06-28 18:13:46

Uhhh, nope - comes out with random letters, numbers and percentage symbols for me.


2010-04-02 16:17:08

wait do you mean your learning to speak japenese