life is going well...

2008-01-15 17:07:05 by kernalphage


well, i've got a hole in my foot, midterms tomorrow, and where am i? Newgrounds.
ontop of that, i'm taking dating advice from this... okay, let's just say she's crazy. like, show-tunes lunchtime theater crazy.

life is GREAT!

if you want something drawn, i'll take a stab at it

or look at my personal works.

according to the news page, i'm rif-raff... guess i need to submit something.


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2008-02-01 15:12:16

Hey dude!


2008-02-11 21:34:12

Your art looks nice. Can't wait to see what you do in flash.

kernalphage responds:


i can't wait to see what i'll submit either... i can doodle in Flash, but full-fledged animations are beyond my reach atm.